February 19, 2018

Unlimited Automatic Responder

When it comes to getting an automatic responder, you want to get a unlimited automatic responder. As the name suggests, this type of responder is not only automated, but it allows an unlimited amount of messages to be sent from your automatic responder. This is a very important feature for any business or individual with a lot of people to message, as you don’t want to be running out of ‘credits’ half way through a email campaign.

An unlimited automatic responder will greatly benefit people who have many mailing list subscribers, or even people who offer regular updates to their list. Say for example you give people on your mailing list messages three times a week in the form of a course. If you have thousands of subscribers and a ‘pay as you go’ type automatic responder, this money will add up very fast. Which is where a unlimited automatic responder will come in handy. Paying a one off fee for this will mean you don’t have to worry about any extra coming out of your pocket every month, and you know exactly how much it’ll be.

How Much Is A Unlimited Automatic Responder?

So how much are unlimited automatic responders? Well, prices vary, but you can get good ones from around $19 a month. This however does depend on how many people you have on your list, as the more you have, the more you’ll have to pay. Having said that, the amount of time and money you will save in the long run with an unlimited automatic responder can be well worth it, as it allows you to build up a relationship with your subscribers on auto pilot. And as you probably know, the better relationship you have with the people on your list, the less they’ll unsubscribe and the more money you can potentially make from them.

Benefits Of The Unlimited Automatic Responder

One of the best features of the unlimited automatic responder is the ability to create detailed and full blow campaigns for a low monthly cost. The profit you can bring in from these campaigns can be huge, while the money you’ve spent on your automatic responder will be very small in comparison. Say you want to start by softly selling an idea to a customer, and with each email get them more and more interested in this idea. Let them know you’re going to let them know how to do whatever it is that’s associated with this idea. After a few emails you can let them know a problem or barrier with this idea, and BAM, give them the solution: Your product or service. They’ll be more likely to use what you offer them as they’ve now got the need to achieve the idea you planted in their head. And if your product’s the way to get that idea moving, then so be it. And the best part of all this? You can do this on autopilot via your unlimited automatic responder to every reader that subscribes to your mailing list.

In conclusion, getting any type of automatic responder other then a unlimited automatic responder is totally pointless unless you have a small subscriber base. But even then, if you’re trying to build your business you’ll probably need one as you need these types of tools to make your business grow in the first place. If you’re sending more then two emails a month to a list over 50 subscribers it costs less then getting pay as you go credits, so getting a unlimited automatic responder is well worth it.

Still not sure which unlimited automatic responder to get? Here at Ultimate Mailing List we recommend Aweber. Aweber offers a great unlimited automatic responder service, so check it out.