April 23, 2018

Email Marketing Tips – The Ultimate Guide

Email marketing tips

Today we’re going to look at some email marketing tips that’ll get your email marketing campaigns growing faster then you could’ve imagined. All of these tips work with Aweber and other respected email marketing programs, so can be easily implemented to greatly boost your email marketing efforts. Sound good? Then let’s get started…

Email Marketing Tips – List Building

Building your list is extremely important, as without a subscriber list you’ll have no one to market to. Here are some things you can do to get a lot more people on your mailing list:

Let Subscribers Come To You
When building your list, never be tempted to add random email addresses to build up your list numbers. When you start adding and messaging people who didn’t subscribe to your list, that’s when you start getting marked as spam and your list score goes down. Don’t add people to your list without their permission, let them come to you and you will end up with a more responsive and interactive list.

Give Them An Incentive To Be On Your List
Which would you rather subscribe to: “Sign up to our mailing list”, or “Sign up to out mailing list and receive a free guide on *Insert subject related to your niche*. You will also receive weekly tips and tricks for dominating your market”.
Give people a reason to give you their email address (Freebies, useful information etc) and you will get a lot more subscribers as a result.

Have Your Opt In Box In A Prominent Position
There’s no point having a opt in form if no one can see it, you need to make sure the option to sign up to your mailing list is easily visible to all. Make sure your opt-in form is above the fold of your website (Can be viewed as soon as people enter your website), in the header or at the top of the right sidebar are both good positions.

Use Double Opt In
Make sure people have to double opt-in to sign up to your mailing list. There are two main reasons for this, one because then you can be sure that the email address you’re given is a real one (Some people try and give you a fake email address just to get the free gift, but often give a real one when they see that doesn’t work), and two so you can be sure that this person really wants to be on your list. Using a single opt in form you will end up with a lot of junk email addresses and a relatively unresponsive list.

Talk About Your List
One great way of getting subscribers is simply by talking about your list. For example, whenever I want a bunch of new subscribers, I know all I have to do is post a message about my free ebook on Twitter. In order to get my free ebook, the person needs to subscribe to my mailing list. Once that’s done they will be sent a copy of the book automatically.

So what I do is follow a bunch of new people on Twitter (Automatically using Tweet Adder), then sit back and watch the subscribers roll in. It really is as simple as that.

Remember, when I add people on Twitter they can see I added them and often come and visit my page. They then see my post saying “Struggling with *Insert their niche here*? Then get the free guide on ______ for an instant career boost”. If you targeted your Twitter followers correctly, you should see quite a few people taking you up on this offer (More on this Twitter strategy in another post coming soon).

The best thing about all of this is it’s all done for me automatically. Using Tweet Adder, all I do is enter the details of who I want to follow once (Which takes about five minuets), click ‘follow’ and it’s all done automatically in the background while I work on other things. Then after a couple of days I click ‘unfollow’ and anyone that hasn’t followed me back automatically gets deleted. This is simple yet effective, and gets me new mailing list subscribers every time.

It’s not just Twitter however, this can also work with blog posts and anywhere else you want to spread the word. If you talk about the benefits of joining your list and make it easy to do, you’ll gain more subscribers then you would by simply putting up a opt in form and hoping for the best.

Use A Pop Up (In Moderation)
Another great way of gaining more subscribers is by using a pop up form. While it won’t be suitable for all types of websites, pop up boxes (Aka light boxes) can dramatically increase your opt in rate by 100s of percent (The opt in rate for one of my sites instantly increased by over 300% when I added a light box).

Now I know a lot of people have found these annoying in the past, but the modern light boxes don’t have many of the same flaws as the old ones. For starters, you can determine how often these boxes show up and who sees them. I only have my pop up box appear once a week for people that haven’t subscribed to my mailing list. So if you’re a new visitor to one of my websites, you’ll see a pop up form offering you my free ebook and weekly tips. If you close it and keep browsing my website, you won’t see another pop up again until a week has passed. After a week, you’ll see it again. Hopefully by then you’ll know more about my site and choose to subscribe this time round. If not, just close it and you won’t see it again for another week.

I use Popup Domination (Link opens in a new window) for sites I want a pop up on. It’s easy to install on your website, and is easily customisable in every way. This is an important feature, as you want your pop up to match the theme of your website so people can see it’s something officially endorsed by you. This in itself will increase your subscribes, and make sure your pop up doesn’t just look like a spammy advert.

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Email Marketing Tips – Increasing Interactivity

Now there’s no point in having a big list if your subscribers aren’t responsive to your emails. Here are some tips that will keep your subscribers interested and more responsive to your emails:

Don’t Email Them Too Frequently
One of the biggest turn offs for a subscriber is to hear from you too often. If it feels like you’re emailing them every day, people will eventually get bored or annoyed by you and click that ‘unsubscribe’ link. The key is to not give people too much. Give them enough to keep you in their mind, but not so much that they’d rather not hear from you any more. With most of my sites I send out emails once a week (Unless there’s something big going on). This seems to work very well, as I have a extremely low unsubscribe rate.

Make Sure Every Email Has Value
I mentioned in the point above I have a extremely low unsubscribe rate. This isn’t only because I don’t message my subscribes too often, but also because every email I do send offers a lot of value to my readers. You will never see me send a email that will only benefit me, all of my emails are filled with either tips, freebies, or interesting news. In other words, all things that my readers would want me to send to them. Do anything less and you’ll find you’ll lose a lot of subscribers very quickly, so make sure you offer value in ALL your emails.

Only Focus On One Point

This is very important: Each email you send should only have ONE main point. Sending subscribers an email which talks about a few different subjects will decrease interactivity, and often make no one point stick in the users head. If you make the point of the email clear and only focused on one thing, the reader will also be able to focus and be more likely to click on links that relate to the given subject. It also allows the user to get interested in that specific subject, without giving them other things to compete with their attention.

Personalise, But Not Too Much
I’m sure you’ve heard before about how personalising your email can increase your open rate and make your subscribers feel more special. And while this is true, over personalisation can often be a huge turn off for your subscribers. If you try and include their name all over the email and insert all their details everywhere, it’s going to appear unnatural and put the reader at unease.

So how much should you personalise each email? Well, inserting their name twice is often enough. Once in the subject field (E.G. “Hi ‘NAME’, I’ve Got A Free ______ With Your Name On It”), and once in the beginning of the email (E.G. “Hi ‘NAME’, how are you today?”). Doing this can increase the amount of people that open and go on to interact with your email as they feel it really is targeted at them. Anything more then this however is usually unnecessary and unnatural looking.

Always Give Them Something More To Do
Now this tip is a biggy, and one I’m surprised I’ve never really seen anyone else talk about before. It’s always a good idea to give your readers something else to do once they’ve finished reading your email, as if they’ve read to the bottom there’s a good chance they’re hooked on what you have to say. Now, you’d want to take advantage of this eager beaver don’t you? In the nicest way possible of course… 😉

What I tend to do is write emails about subjects I have already covered on my websites, and at the bottom of the email link back to that page. I also say something like: “If you want to read more about ______, check this post on ______”. This results in a lot of my email subscribers clicking back on to my website and getting me more views (And often sales). Nice…

Include An Unsubscribe Option
Giving your subscribers a option to easily unsubscribe from your mailing should be mandatory for anyone running a mailing list. A lot of people initially think that they should make the unsubscribe link as hard to find as possible, but if anything this is doing you more harm then good. Why? Because if people can’t find a way to leave your mailing list, they’ll probably mark your emails as spam. And if enough of your subscribers do this, your emails will end up in people’s junk boxes, if they’re delivered at all.

As a mailing list owner, you should be aiming to offer your readers as much value as possible. If one of your subscribers feel they no longer want to receive your emails, that’s up to them. They won’t be opening your emails (Which lowers you list score) or buying anything from you, so it’s best to let them go.

Make sure you include your unsubscribe link clearly at the bottom of all emails you send out. If you get a lot of people unsubscribing from your list, you may want to think about how much value you offer in your emails.

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Email Marketing Tips – Usability

Making your emails easy to interact with is essential, as bad formatting and design will mean people will be less likely to read what you have to say. Here are some tips on making sure your emails are user friendly:

Test Your Email Displays Properly
It’s always a good idea to test any new email designs to ensure they look the way you want them to. The best way to do this is by sending your email to your own email accounts. Ideally you should have a account on each of the major email providers such as Hotmail and Google Mail etc. You can then see how your email displays on each of these platforms, and make any changes if necessary.

There will always be small differences in how your email displays in different email accounts, but as long as nothing looks majorly out of place then it should be fine.

Make Sure All Your Links Work
Another thing you should look at when sending a test email to yourself, is that all the links work properly. You can do this simply by clicking on your own links and see where it takes you. Most of the time the links will be properly intact, but if you’re anything like me there’ll be the odd time where you put in the wrong link some how. Clicking on and testing your links will mean you can identify and rectify any problems before the email is sent out to your subscribers. Sending your readers broken links is the last thing you want to do. Not only will it frustrate them as they can’t carry on reading what they were planning, but it could also mean you’ll lose out on sales too.

Proof Read Your Emails
The final thing you should do when looking over your test email is that there are no mistakes. This should often be done by reading through the whole thing a couple of times and making sure you’ve put the correct information. You should also spell check your work, and check that the grammar is clear and easy to understand.

Ensure Your Emails Are Easy To Navigate
Some people like to over complex the design of their emails. They make them look like websites, with side bars and all different options for the reader to click. What I’ve found however, is it’s often best to make your emails as simple as possible to navigate.

Giving your reader all these options will mean they’ll have to look longer and harder for something that interests them. The end result is often that they get bored at looking at all the options and go off and do something else. If your email reads like a word document however, it’s nice and simple for them to open and read. They simply start at the top of the email, and read down. This is the type of email I’ve had most success with, as it’s easier to get your reader to focus on the message you’re trying to get across.

Email Marketing Tips – Building Relationships

Building a relationship with your mailing list is essential, and what email marketing is all about. If your subscribers feel a connection with you, they’re more likely to trust your recommendations and products. Here are some tips on how you can build relationships with your customers:

Use Autoresponders To Build Relationships On Autopilot
Autoresponders are a great way of building a relationship with customers hands free. The great thing about autoresponders is you only have to write all of your messages once. Once they’re written though, they can be used to help build relationships with new customers for time to come.

As long as you make sure your emails aren’t time sensitive, using automated messages is one of the best methods of email marketing you can do. Just don’t forget to personalise your messages…

Make Subscribers Feel They’re Part Of Something
This is a skill, but you should try and make your subscribers feel like they’re really appreciated and belong in your social circle. You can do this by talking about your list and website users being a community, and often ask them for their opinions on things. If they feel like they have a real say in your site or company, they’ll more likely buy in to what you have to offer.


Using these email marketing tips you can create a more natural and enjoyable newsletter for your readers. If your readers enjoy what you have to say, they will stay subscribed longer and often buy more of what you’re selling.

The key is to offer them value while not over doing the amount of emails you send them. I hope these email marketing tips were helpful, best of luck with building your ultimate mailing list!