February 19, 2018

Email Marketing

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What Is Email Marketing And Why Should You Use It

Email marketing is the process of marking to people via email. In order for you to be able to send people emails, they will have to agree to receive emails from you. They can either do this in person as you collect people’s email addresses, or online by filling out a opt in form.

Email marketing has become increasingly popular as more and more people use the internet. Marketers know that people’s internet usage largely revolves around their email address, so email marketing is an extremely effective method of communicating with customers directly. Most of the internet’s most popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter require an email address to gain access and create an account. Because of this, people generally remember and check their emails regularly.

If you as a marketer can gain access to a place which potential customers regularly check, you’ve got a great chance to build up a relationship with that person and make them a customer. Your messages will also be hard to avoid. As we’ll explain later, not doing any email marketing could mean you’re potentially leaving a lot of customers and money on the table, so I’d advice anyone to get started as soon as possible.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing

Now you know what email marketing is, let’s look at some of the benefits of email marketing.

  • Email Marketing Can Get Your Message Worldwide.
    At the internet is a worldwide network, you’re not limited to only advertising to your own part of the world. This is especially handy when you’re selling a product or service that’s not country specific and can be provided directly over the internet. Up scaling your marketing efforts to reach different countries won’t impact on your expenses either, you still only pay for how many subscribers you have on your list and not how far you reach.
  • Email Marketing Is Instant.
    Not only can email marketing campaigns be quickly and easily set up, the message is sent to customers very quickly. But why is this useful? Let’s say you have breaking news a day before any of your competitors. How Do You let your customers know? It’d take too long to set up a TV advert or press up and send out flyers. If fact, most methods of marketing wouldn’t be effective in this situation. Email marketing however can be set up and sent out very quickly. You just write up an email with your breaking news in it and send it our to your mailing list. Your subscribers will have the message the same day. This could mean lots of sales over your competitors who get the news a day later, and will help build up your authority so people trust you more (You do after all inform them of the latest news first).
  • Email Marketing Is Cost Effective.
    As I mentioned before, email marketing is cost effective. Depending on how you’re sending out your emails, you only have to pay a monthly fee or a one off lump sum. This monthly fee isn’t that expensive, and with many email marketing companies you only have to pay larger fees as your subscriber list grows. So if you only have a small mailing list, you only pay a minimum amount every month. If you have a big list you pay more, but you’ll have more customers so you should be making more money anyway. This ensures that you’re not paying more then what you want afford, and if you have a big list but can’t afford to run it, you’re not monetizing your list correctly.
  • Email Marketing Is Time Effective.
    With email marketing you can effectively put your marketing campaign on autopilot using autoresponders. Once you set up a autoresponder campaign, your customers will be sent your pre-written material according to the schedule you set. This will free you up to do other things while your subscribers still get communications from you. You will have to manually send out breaking news, but the time spent on marketing will be significantly cut down.
  • Email Marketing Can Create Long Term Customers.
    Email marketing can create you long term customers. If someone goes to your website once and buys a product, without a email marketing campaign in place they can easily leave never to return. If every customer that buys a product is signed up to your mailing list however, you can email this person in future with free tips and advice, as well as new product information. This will keep you at the front of their mind and mean they’ll be more likely to buy from you in future (Especially if they see a new product they like or you explain to them the benefit of an existing product which they didn’t think they needed).

When Is The Best Time To Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is so effective is should be used as soon as you want to start promoting your company. Building up a big mailing list takes time, so it’s best to start doing this as soon as possible.

If you set up email marketing from the beginning (A time where it’s typically harder to gain new customers) it’ll be easier for you to keep existing customers and up-sell to them.

Your email marketing efforts should also be ongoing. As you gain new customers you’ll also want to build up relationships with them as well, so your autoresponder should be on the whole time.

Email Marketing Law And Email Marketing Best Practices

While the laws of email marketing vary from country to country, there are some common laws and best practices you should follow. Here are some of the main ones:

  • You Must Have Permission.
    In order for you to put someone on your mailing list you have to have their permission. This can be verbal consent, or if you’re collecting their information online then via a double opt in form. Having a double opt-in form is much better then having a single opt-in form for one simple reason: You get to confirm the provided email address in genuine. If someone only has to provide you with a email address and they’re on your mailing list (As with a single opt in form) there’s no way of knowing they didn’t provide you with a fake email address or that they missed out a letter while typing their address. If you have a double opt in form however, when someone enters their email address they’re sent a confirmation email to their inbox. If they then click on the link inside this email they’ve proven they own the email address and are added to your mailing list. This will mean you don’t end up with lots of ‘dead’ email address on your mailing list and have to pay more money to your email marketing company (With some email marketing companies the more subscribers you have the bigger the monthly fee).
  • You Must Give Them A Option To Opt-Out.
    When you send your subscribers emails, in every email you should give your subscriber an option to opt out of your mailing list and stop receiving emails from you. If you don’t include this and someone wants to stop receiving emails from you, they may mark your messages as spam. This will be bad for you, as get enough spam points alongside your name and you could stop being received by email providers. So while it may seem counter productive at first, making it easy for people to unsubscribe will benefit you in the long run. So how do you make sure people stay on your email list? Send them great quality content, of course!
  • Make It Clear Who The Email Is From.
    When emailing someone you need to make sure you let the person know who the email is from. That means you must include your name within the email, and make it clear why they’re receiving an email from you (E.G. “You’re receiving this email because you’re signed up to the *insert your name or your company’s name here* mailing list”).
  • Valid Reply Address.
    When email marketing, it’s important you give a valid email address subscribers can reply to you via. If it’s not possible to let subscribers reply to the email directly, you must make this clear and provide an alternative email address for them to contact. To make this clear, you may want to make the sending email ‘no-reply@yourwebsitename.com’. Where possible however, you should make your sending email address the one people can reply to for maximum convenience.
  • Provide Your Postal Address.
    In some countries it’s the law to provide your postal address in your emails. This can be a problem for some home based companies who don’t have a office and don’t want everyone knowing where they live, but there are ways to work around that. For example, you may want to get a postal box. This means people won’t see your address directly, although they may be able to get that information with some research. It’s best to check in your country for exact details regarding this situation.

Email marketing is a very effective marketing method, and should be used by any company that wants to build up a better relationship with customers and increase sales. Good luck with your email marketing campaign.