February 19, 2018

How Often Should You Email Your List?

How Often Should You Email Your List?

When you’re putting together your email marketing campaign, there is one very important factor you need to think about: How often you should email your list.

Email marketing can be a powerful promotional tool, but if you do it wrong it can do more harm then good to your business. Email your subscribers too much with uninteresting information and they will swiftly unsubscribe from your list. Email them too little and they are bound to forget about you. So how often should you send them your messages?

Finding The Right Email Frequency

In all honesty, there is no one right answer for this question. Different businesses will be able to get away with emailing their mailing list subscribers at different rates, it just depends on the type of emails you are providing.

If for example you are a stocks company and you offer people tips in exchange for their email address, your subscribers may expect tips on a daily basis. Give them any less and they may unsubscribe from your list, or subscribe to someone else’s list as well.

If on the other hand you run a yearly event, you won’t want to message them anywhere near as much. People may have subscribed to be informed on when they can purchases tickets for your next event, so you messaging them every couple days all year round is not what they want. Again, they’d most likely unsubscribe and find another way to find out when the tickets are out.

It really does depend on your audience, how often do they want to receive communications from you, and how often you have got something of real value to offer them. Never email your list just for the sake of it, only ever do so when you have some good information that’ll truly benefit them.

Following The Signs

So let’s say you try out a email frequency. You decide to email people twice a week and see how it goes. Next up, you have to look out for any clues that tells you if this is too little or too much. For example, if you have a lot of people unsubscribing in the first few weeks of their subscription, then you’re mailing your list too much (Hence why people are getting themselves off your list). That, or you’re not offering anything of real value to them.

If on the other hand you’re getting a lot of people emailing you asking additional questions and wanting more information, then maybe you could increase your emailing frequency. That, or include more information in your emails. You could also add a link to some extra reading at the end of each email, pointing your reader in the right direction for additional help.

Still Not Sure How Often You Should Email Your List?

If you’re still not sure how often to email your mailing list, I’d suggest you email your mailing list once a week. For many businesses this is a good amount of time. It’s often enough for you to stay on their mind, but not so much that you begin to annoy them. From there, you can start to get a feel if you should increase this frequency, decrease it, or keep it the same.

You will find that different emailing frequencies will work for different types of email marketing campaigns. That being said, with a bit of trial and error (And some logical thinking before hand) you should be able to get a emailing schedule that will suit your subscribers nicely. Now work on finding out how often to email your list.

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