February 19, 2018

Direct Mail List

While email marketing with online mailing lists can be an effective way to promote your business, a direct mail list can sometimes be just as effective. A direct mail list is a list of people you can use to send mail directly to. Unlike email mailing lists, the mail that’s sent is physical and sent to a postal address. While not as widely used as they once were, direct mailing list are still used by many big companies to get their message across to their customers. When used, they are often used alongside email mailing lists instead of as an alternative. The reason for this is it offers a different type of experience to the people you’re targeting. While online marketing is good for delivering messages quickly and often, direct mail can seem more like an experience for customers as it’s not as common any more. If you’re a fan of a shop for example, it’s always nice to get sent a copy of their latest catalogue or money off vouchers through the post.

What Can You Send To Your Direct Mail List?

So you’ve got a list of subscribers who are willing to receive communication from you, but what do you send them? Well, how about…

  • Information.
    If you company has something important to say, you may want to let the customers in turn know. You can directly market to your lists, but if you do that I suggest you make it come across as you’re not marketing at all. You want communication to seem genuine when you’re marketing to customers, most people don’t like being cold sold to.
  • Brochures.
    If you have a brochure or an information pack you think your mail list subscribers may find useful, you can include this in the package you send to your direct mailing list. Information packs are a great way to show your list what you’ve got to offer and what’s new since they last spoke to you. This in its self may encourage sales.
  • Vouchers.
    Subscribers to you direct mail lists can be send money of vouchers in order to promote further use of your service and build a relationship with you. If you’re nice to someone they’re more inclined to be nice to you. It’s even human nature to feel inclined to give something back to those that have given to you.
  • Freebies.
    Giving something to customers doesn’t have to be limited to vouchers, you may want to send other types of freebies such as pens and key rings. This will get your mailing list subscribers interest perked and increase response levels.

Increasing The Responsiveness Of Your Direct Mail List

When you’re running campaigns to your direct mail lists, you’re going to want to make sure you convert as many subscribers into buyers as possible. Not doing this can end up being costly for your company, as if you don’t turn enough people into buyers you may not make enough money to cover the initial mailing to your list. This is one of the risks that come with a direct mail list, but one that’s to be expected. No business comes without risk, and the benefits that marketing directly to these lists can have is well worth it. So how can you improve the levels of responsiveness you receive from your mailing list? Well, how about offering an incentive to them? As I mentioned earlier, freebies and vouchers can work great, but what about an exchange process? Say for example your customers could get five of their friend to also join up to your direct mail list, you could give them something as a reward.

You may want to think about running competitions, as everyone likes the chance of winning something for free. This will increase the amount of people that respond and stay interactive with you, and can also make you sales if you state they have to buy something in order to be entered into the competition.

Having a direct mail list alongside a email list can greatly increase your marketing efforts, so both are worth trying.