February 19, 2018

Should You Set Up An Autoresponder Campaign?

Autoresponder Campaign In Progress

When it comes to email marketing, one very important thing you’ll have to decide is whether or not you will set up an autoresponder campaign. While I largely promote the use of autoresponders on this website, there are some instances where there would be not much point. In this article, I will be looking at some of the situations where it would and would not be good to run an autoresponder campaign.

Don’t Use An Autoresponder Campaign If:

  • Your information is time sensitive.
    If the information your customers want is time sensitive, there is no point sending it out days, months or even years late. If the information you deal with is of this nature, it is best to send out manual (Mass) emails as and when you need.
  • You don’t have any useful information to give.
    There is no point sending your customers communications for the sake of it, if you’re not adding value to their lives, then don’t send them anything. If you send them a lot of rubbish emails, they will start considering them as spam and ignore or block them. If however you email them less frequently but when you do it’s golden information, they are likely to remain a customer for a much longer period of time.
  • Your views change regularly.
    If your views on certain subjects change from month to month, sending out all your old views would be misleading and confusing for your subscribers. Because of this, it would be best to send out emails with your latest stance point manually.

Use An Autoresponder Series If:

  • You have a lot of valuable information to give.
    If there is a lot of information your customer will find valuable about your area of expertise, it could be a good idea to use an autoresponder.
  • You want people to see all your important information.
    With a website, people often look at one or two pages, but fail to see everything you have to offer. By using autoresponders however, you can make sure they receive all the important information you want them to see.
  • You want structured reading.
    Autoresponders are ideal if you want your customers or site visitors to read your information in a certain order. As you can determine when each email is sent, making them follow through in the correct order is easy.

Should You Set Up A Autoresponder Campaign?

Using the above points, you should be able to figure out if using an autoresponder program is a good idea for you. If giving your subscribers regular information will benefit them, then it’s worth doing. After all, if you make them happy, they will remain your customers for a good while to come. Good luck setting up your autoresponder campaign, if you have any questions please ask them in the comments.

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