February 19, 2018

Using Autoresponders To Deliver A Short Course

Using Autoresponders To Deliver A 7 Day Short Course And Get Subscribers

Want to make your business stand out from the rest? Want a way to increase subscribers without doing too much extra work? Then why not set up a short course that visitors to your website can take and learn from…

The short course is one of the most underused methods of getting new mailing list subscribers. It has a high conversion rate, and it delivers a lot of quality to your customers. So why wouldn’t you set one up?

How Much Work Is Involved In Delivering A Short Course?

One of the main reasons why people don’t offer short courses to their customers as a sign up incentive is because they feel it’ll be a lot of work to set up. This however couldn’t be further from the truth. As with all autoresponder messages, you only have to write the information once and it will be able to work for you for years to come.

What To Include In Your Short Course

In your short to medium term course, you want to offer something of value to the customer. You want to teach them something they didn’t already know, or at least refresh them on a area of your choice. So for example, let’s say your website is all about fixing cars. You may want to offer a short basic course on the theory behind car fixing. Each day you could offer a look at what to do and what not to do when approaching a car to fix. You can also include resources on where to get certain car parts, and anything else you think will be useful to your customers. You can also include up-sales and affiliate links so you can make money from this free course.

Even if you struggle a bit to think of an idea of what to offer initially, if you know your industry well you should be able to think of something people would want to learn about your area of expertise. Once you know what would appeal to them, give them what they want.

How Long Should Your Short Course Be?

This totally depends on you. Don’t think you have to have a set length of time for your course to run, simply make it run as long or as short as required. If you can get all your information in manageable portions in three days, then go for three days. If you need seven days to deliver your course, then go for seven days.

How To Deliver Your Short Course Using An Autoresponder

Delivering a short course couldn’t be easier. You can use your autoresponder to deliver the information over the course’s duration. To do this, set up a new autoresponder message in your email marketing program. Make it send the same day people have signed up. After this, create a new autoresponder message and set it to go off the next day. Keep doing this, with each new lesson of your course going off the day after the last. At the end, you’ll have a short course that will be delivered to your email subscribers over time via your autoresponder.

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