February 19, 2018

Why You Should Delete Non Responsive Subscribers

Delete unresponsive subscribers on your mailing list

When it comes to building a mailing list, many people seem to think having a big list is something to show off about. While in theory you can make more money with a larger list, if your list is mostly unresponsive then it won’t be of any more use then a smaller list. In fact, it can actually be more of a hindrance. Here’s why…

Save Money By Deleting Subscribers

As I’m sure you know, when you use email marketing programs you pay based on the number of subscribers you have. The more people on your list, the more you have to pay. This isn’t a problem if all of these people are interacting with you and benefiting your business in some way, but if they aren’t opening and reading your emails they are actually costing you money.

As an example, let’s say about 20% of your subscribers had fallen into the ‘non responsive’ category. They didn’t open any of your emails, no matter what your header was or how often you emailed them. So what’s the point of keeping them on your list? Other then to say you’ve got more subscribers (Which won’t help your business) there is none. These subscribers should therefore then be deleted.

Let’s say for example we were using Aweber and have 5,500 subscribers. We’re paying their standard $19 to have an account plus $50 a month as we have between 5,001-10,000 subscribers. That’s $69 a month we’re paying. Now let’s say we got rid of 20% of our subscribers as they weren’t benefiting our business in any way. 20% of 5,500 is 1,100, so taking away 1,100 subscribers from 5,500 subscribers is 4,400 subscribers we’d now have on our list. Because we have less then 5,001 subscribers, we now move down to a lower price plan which is $30 a month on top of the $19. So the deleting of those subscribers has just saved us $20 a month, which is nearly a third saving on what we were paying before.

The Dangers Of Keeping Unresponsive Subscribers

While it’s a good idea to delete unresponsive subscribers for money saving reasons, there’s also another reason why you should get rid of them. Constantly emailing people who don’t want to receive your communications any more can lead to them marking your messages as spam. This can be frustrating as they could have simply clicked ‘unsubscribe’ in any of your emails, but in reality a lot of people aren’t bothered to go that far. That involves opening up your email and finding the required link, that’s if they know an unsubscribe link exists in your emails. Most people find it easier to just mark a whole load of emails as spam, so often that’s what they do.

As you will probably know, getting marked as spam too often isn’t a good thing. It could lead to your messages ending up in a lot more people’s junk folder, as well as your email marketing provider banning you from using their service. Neither of course is a desired outcome.

How Often Should You Delete Non Responsive Subscribers?

As there is no set amount of time you should wait to delete any non-responsive subscribers, you should base it on your own campaign. Someone that messages people more then once a week may want to have a clear out of their subscribers maybe once a month, while someone that only messages subscribers once a month may want to have a clear out every half a year or so. I’d advise you try and retain these subscribers first by asking them questions in the email header or by giving them special offers. If this doesn’t work though then it’s time to get rid of them.

In conclusion, having unresponsive subscribers on your mailing list can cost you money and potentially get you marked as spam. Do what you can to try and retain these subscribers, but if they still don’t respond to your emails then delete them.

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